Who are we?

A team of people who have held numerous different positons throughout the botting community, who all felt that the current botting clients available were lacking on key features which users deserved. With this past experience, we created a botting client which captures exactly what we feel most users want, and continue to strive to make our client the best product available!

What makes us different?

We felt that most clients have not taken the time that is needed to create a truly unique controller system, and we set out to fix this issue. Unlike most other clients, each character behaves uniquely, so that no two characters behave the same, while avoiding random behavior all together. This paired with a full reflection core and numerous other features; we feel that our client can noticeably reduce bans.

How do I get started?

Simply download the client above, and create account in the forum! Once created login directly in the client, enabling you to download and purchase scripts to use! We also offer a well-documented API for scriptwriters or someone aspiring to become a writer to create scripts to use in our client!

How do I learn more?

Join the community, get to know us, see what our plans are, and even input your suggestions! We want to provide the best product available, and we cannot achieve that without your help!